New Traceable Alpaca

Sustainably-made sweaters from farm to finish.

Know where your clothing comes from. Our Traceable Alpaca pieces are the result of a transparent, ethical supply chain.

Three Timeless Styles

The Collection

Our Traceable Alpaca Pieces

Each of our Traceable Alpaca Styles is limited-edition, designed to add something new to your wardrobe and pair perfectly back to your core essentials.

The Material

Know Where Your Clothing Comes From


When a garment is traceable, that means every fiber in that item of clothing can be traced back to its origin. Why is that important? When you can trace the whole product lifecycle from raw material to finished design, a more transparent and ethical supply chain is achieved.

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We partner with a mill that specializes in taking excellent care of their alpacas. From ensuring the alpacas have room to roam to keeping their outer coats clean, our partners on the farm meet the highest standards of humane animal treatment. 


Alpaca fibers are known to be more resilient, warmer, and lighter than other wool alternatives. Our Traceable Alpaca is made with fibers called “baby alpaca,” the finest fibers on the alpaca’s coat. These fibers are extra soft, strong, and hypoallergenic, meaning they won’t irritate or itch and will last in your wardrobe for years to come. 


Once the alpaca fibers leave the farm, they’re carefully woven into lasting wardrobe stables by skilled craftspeople in Peru.  

Caring for your pieces

Learn how to care for your Alpaca on our Fabric Care Page (hint: it’s easy). 

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